more on depression

I thought I could live quietly and happily without accolades from other people for beating depression. It turns out that I can’t. It is unbelievable to me that I turned my life around–went from nosediving into a downwards trajectory to cruising steadily at a good altitude–and it means nothing to anyone except me.  My friends … Continue reading more on depression


I have moved to the Seattle area.  It’s a fresh start for me, again, just like going to college was. I thought one of my close college friends was moving here too but he recently decided to stay on the east coast for his girlfriend. So I’m here with a good handful of starter friends … Continue reading 23

1 year of Covid-19

It’s been almost a full year since I flew home from Brown to finish my senior year in my childhood bedroom. The announcement telling everyone to leave came on a Thursday I think, and after a frightened call with my parents, I booked a plane ticket for the next day. I spent the day packing … Continue reading 1 year of Covid-19